Healthy for Two

By Pamela Bercutt, PT, DPT and Ellie Petri, PT, RYT

Keeping you fit and strong throughout pregnancy and returning you back to your active Lifestyle



Written by two Physical Therapists who have years of extensive experience working in pelvic and women’s health, this book is a guide to teach women how to:

  • Manage pain while their body changes

  • Maintain strength during pregnancy

  • Stay healthy during pregnancy

  • Prevent common back and pelvic injuries

  • Avoid incontinence leakage with post pregnancy activity

Packed with over 100 easy-to-understand exercises and nutritional tips, you will be equipped to reduce back pain and experience the joy of a healthy delivery for both mom and baby. Through research-based evidence and proven methods, you will breeze through your pregnancy with less pain. Women who use these methods for optimal health can end up more vibrant than when they began their pregnancy!

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Owner Dr. Pamela Bercutt’s recently published book inspired by those she helps.