Cold laser therapy is the use of laser energy to increase therapeutic and healing effects.
Current research has shown that these effects include faster healing rates, pain reduction,
increased circulation and decreased swelling. When laser light is absorbed by living tissue,
it triggers increased metabolic responses in the mitochondria of the cells. Cell repair and
turnover increases. Other broad systemic effects occur with the use of laser including release
of endorphins (pain killers in the brain), enhanced lymphatic drainage by increasing circulation,
muscle spasming reduced and bone repair increases by stimulating fibroblastic and osteoblastic
proliferation. Cold laser is especially helpful in ligament and tendon injuries. For most patients,
the results of laser treatments have been sustainable. While some patients get immediate results,
others require several treatments before there is a lasting effect. Since each person’s condition
varies, your therapist will determine how best the laser can benefit you. A patient usually comes in
for treatment several times a week for cold laser therapy. The number of treatments can vary and range
between 2 to 20, depending on the nature and severity of the condition.
​Conditions Treated with Cold Laser Include: > Abdominal pain > Scar pain > Ankle sprains > Knee osteoarthritis
> Ligament damage > Tennis elbow > SI Joint pain > Nerve Pain > Soft tissue injuries > Tendonitis > Sprains/Strains
> Carpal Tunnel Syndrome > Plantar Fasciitis > Muscle Pain Please contact us for more information at 713-360-0300